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Families in crisis have faces. They have names. Often, they’re too proud to let you know they’re struggling, but they live right down the block or around the corner. A simple twist of fate put them in a tough financial position. Now they need your help to keep water flowing from their taps.


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Virginia Beach, VA

"I’m a single mom with three kids – one with autism. A few years ago, I was injured on the job. We get some disability benefits to help out, but we’re living on a fixed income that often leaves us strapped to reach the bare minimum we need for monthly expenses.

In 2017, I joined the Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope Initiative as a way to help me overcome my challenges and reach my financial goals. I want to run my own cleaning business, and I’m happy to say that, thanks to assistance programs like H2O, I’m finally making it happen. They’re just what I needed to bridge the financial gaps until I could reach my goal.”

Seth Atkinson's Story

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army
Hampton Roads Area Common

At the Salvation Army, we’re dedicated to doing the most good. By being a part of H2O, we’re accomplishing our goal. Clean water is a basic human right, and we’re proud to help provide it to Hampton Roads community members in need. For us, it’s not about administering the donations that you make to help your neighbors with their water bills. It’s about what your support means: hot showers, clean clothes and fresh water from the tap. It’s knowing that we’re all making a difference.

Darlene Mormon's Story

Utility Worker

Customer Service Manager
Newport News Waterworks

As an employee at a utility company, I know firsthand that water service is something that we often take for granted. But when it’s gone for even just a day, it can be life altering. It’s why the H2O program means so much to me. There is nothing like knowing you’re making a positive impact on the community and improving the lives of families in your very own neighborhood. By donating to H2O, others can experience the joy of giving. And that’s a tremendously powerful thing.

Mrs. H's Story

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All testimonials are real stories from H2O program.
Drop of water

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