Drop of water

Join a tide of caring

When we turn on the tap, we expect clean water will flow freely. But for many who live in Hampton Roads, this is not their reality. Sudden unemployment or an unexpected disability can leave them with the tough decision of not paying their water or wastewater bill in order to afford paying another bill. Luckily, you can join the community and lend a hand through H2O.

Drop of water

The flow of H2O

Financial emergencies can leave anyone tapped out. Fill up on the facts.

Drop of water

Flood your community with kindness

In some cases, we have to turn families away because the donations we collect aren’t meeting the profound financial need in our communities. However, if we join together and find a way to increase our generosity to assist those who need it most, no community member will have to go without water service. There are several simple ways to help – including adding a donation to your utility payment.